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-Update (12/5/13): A year later and this one still drags on.  The Kane County Chronicle is reporting today a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the deceased man.  Contrary to what was reported (and I wrote about below- nearly a year ago) the lawsuit alleges the deputy did not abandon the pursuit.  While that certainly adds an interesting twist to the story, the point I originally made still holds true. If you’re put in a situation where you might make your legal situation worse, just don’t.

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About that car crash in Campton Hills this weekend…

A Kane County Sheriff’s deputy reportedly saw Liston’s car traveling on Route 38 at Bricher Road. The deputy tried to stop  her but ended the pursuit because she was driving too recklessly, Hoffman said.

The Kane County Chronicle reported on a pretty horrific accident.  In case you didn’t catch the article, here’s the short version:  A lady with a suspended license in a stolen car was going to be pulled over… until she fled.  Reaching speeds of 100 MPH, she ended up causing a chain of traffic accidents.  The result?  She is dead. Another motorist is dead.  Others were injured and taken to the hospital.  According to the Kane County Chronicle, it sounds like a pretty grim scene:

Multiple police and fire departments throughout the county responded to the scene, which included a vehicle on its top, a smoking vehicle and cars sandwiched together, police said.

I’ve offered a lot of opinions in here.  I’ve explained why you probably shouldn’t talk to the police.  I’ve told you what not to do in traffic court.  Probably something I’ve assumed you know but, perhaps, you don’t is the most simple advice possible:  When you’re in a legal bind, help your situation every chance you can.  Before you’re charged, when the police have you at the station, or even after you’re charged, your actions can affect what happens.  Because you’re in a bind for one crime (or two, or three), doing anything that will get you charged with a worse offense is usually a bad idea.

Have a suspended license?  Maybe you stole a car?  I don’t know.  All I know is that killing other people is going to take your case to a whole new level.

I’m not saying the lady in this story was or was not guilty of anything- she managed to kill herself before being hauled into the Kane County courts so we’ll never hear her story.  All I know is that if she hadn’t killed herself, the wake of her destruction in this case was going to make it really bad for her– even if she had a legitimate defense.

Don’t make things worse than they have to be.  Don’t kill people minding their own business.  That’s pretty simple


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