Matthew Haiduk

Founding Partner

There is not a lot in criminal defense Matt Haiduk has not accomplished. He has won appeals. He has won jury trials. He has won bench trials. He has won pretrial motions. He has even filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of criminal defendants.

Matt knew he wanted to practice criminal defense since he walked into the door on his first day of law school. He only interviewed for criminal defense jobs and his first job was as an assistant public defender in the Chicago area. Licensed since shortly after graduating with a J.D. from DePaul University College of Law, he has done it all.

Matt lives with his wife, their kid and two the two most energetic, friendly dogs this planet has ever seen. In his spare time Matt likes to build cabins in the woods, ride his bike, go fishing and watch sports. He holds championship titles in recreational basketball, hockey and ping pong. He is a past state masters criterium (cycing) champion.

Matt Haiduk has presented a CLE for other lawyers and judges and has been trusted to handle the cases of police officers and their families, professional athletes, and other attorneys.

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