Ordinary lawyers get ordinary results.

Matthew J. Haiduk is not an ordinary lawyer.  In the case of People v. J. H. courthouse talk was that the prosecutors had Haiduk’s client pinned on a church burglary.  Haiduk’s client’s DNA was at the scene of the crime.  The state had a witness who saw J.H. with the stolen goods.  Facing potentially 30 years in prison, Haiduk did what he does.  He first filed motions limiting the state’s evidence.  Then he worked tirelessly to prepare for trial.  When it was over, he did not have to worry about fighting back the courthouse talk. He let them read the newspaper:

Jury Acquits Man of Church Burglary

Most of Haiduk’s greatest success does not make the newspaper, though.  Getting a DUI client his license reinstated before it is even suspended?  Convincing a prosecutor to reduce a mandatory prison sentence to probation?  Winning misdemeanor bench trials?  Winning cases by motions to dismiss or motions showing the police illegally searched a car?  Haiduk has done it all.  Recently.

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A sampling of Haiduk’s success:

  • People v. BP – Three year statutory summary suspension rescinded
  • People v. F.E. – Sexual Assault case dismissed in trial
  • People v. J.D. – Illinois Supreme Court agrees with Haiduk, reverses felony conviction
  • People v. M. – Appeals court reversed finding on DUI case
  • Drug Induced Homicide case reduced after Haiduk’s Motion to Dismiss. People v. M. S.
  • Disorderly Conduct client found not guilty after Haiduk holds Bench Trial. People v. F. R.
  • DUI suspension dismissed because of Haiduk’s motion. People v. E. B.
  • Felony burglary case reduced to misdemeanor trespass by Haiduk’s negotiation.  People v. N. W.
  • Domestic Battery case dismissed on day of trialPeople v. D. S.
  • Alcohol charges against minor dismissedPeople v. A. P.
  • Client with 3 moving violations in a little over a month gets one reduced to a parking violation and no convictions.  People v. U. R.
  • Client who had previously pleaded guilty to serious felony sex offense gets conviction vacated and removed from sex offender list based on Haiduk’s appealPeople v. T. M.
  • 3 Year suspension of client’s driver’s license rescinded by agreement. People. v. C.W.

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