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“I hired Matt. My case was dismissed.” – Scott K.

Protecting your freedom, your license or your life.

Matthew Haiduk is a criminal defense attorney with decades of experience helping people charged with crimes. He has a won cases at pretrial, jury or bench trial, appeals stages. Matthew Haiduk holds the following professional license or association memberships:

  • State of Illinois Trial and Appeals Court Licensed.
  • State of Wisconsin Trial and Appeals Court Licensed.
  • Federal District Court (Northern District of Illinois) Licensed.
  • Federal Appeals Court Licensed.
  • Illinois Bar Association (Member).
  • Wisconsin Bar Association (Member).

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    It’s your life. Take control.

    Your Job.

    What’s a conviction going to do to your job? Does the prosecutor care? Is he going to help feed your kids if you’re out of work? It’s hard enough finding a job out there today. How hard is it to find another one?

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    Your License.

    Arrested for DUI? How will you get the baby to daycare without a driver’s license? Have you ever thought about how hard life without a license might be? You need somebody to fight. You need to drive.

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    Your Future

    You’re panicked. You’re worried about what’s going to happen to your life. You didn’t ask for this problem, but this problem came to you. Are you going to do anything to help yourself? You can. You should. Don’t wait.

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    Matthew Haiduk

    Criminal Attorney

    "Put your Legal troubles in the hands of someone who will not just help you legally out of the darkest situations, but while doing so, help you become a better person in the process!!! Matthew Haiduk one of the Best Men I'll ever know, and the BEST LAWYER EVER!!!" -B.P.

    Client Testimonials

    • He took care of my case with ease and answered all of my questions I highly recommend!

      cesar serrano Avatar cesar serrano

      Best criminal attorney

      Cruz Rodriguez jr Avatar Cruz Rodriguez jr

      I have referred clients to Matt Haiduk and every one of them is very happy to find a tough and clever criminal defense attorney. I have also observed Matt in... read more

      Fred Nickl Avatar Fred Nickl
    • Hello if anyone in search of a great lawyer. This is the place to go to. I’m a truck driver and 7 months ago their was in incident where I... read more

      oswaldo aguirre Avatar oswaldo aguirre

      Top notch lawyer. Period.

      Bill Shula Avatar Bill Shula

      A+ attorney. I highly recommend retaining his services.

      Bro. Justus Avatar Bro. Justus
    • There is not a better Lawyer, Man, or an unintentional caretaker than Matt Haiduk. I got myself into a horrible situation, and never thought that the sun would shine on... read more

      Brandon Patrick Avatar Brandon Patrick

      Did a great job with my case!

      Lost Vlog Avatar Lost Vlog

      Matt worked very well with my time schedule and lack of response back to him. He is very patient and professional even through the COVID process and delays. He kept... read more

      Kyle Rush Avatar Kyle Rush
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