Felonies are the crimes that television shows are made of.  Body found in a river? House broken into?  Missing car?  That building down the street that burned?  All of these can land you in the Kane County Jail waiting for your case to get called at the Judicial Center.

Even some crimes that may not seem as serious can be felonies. Bad registration sticker on your car?  Driving with a suspended license? These can be felonies, too.

Being charged with a felony is scary.  Especially when you are not guilty.  It is hard to sleep at night when the State’s Attorney is threatening you with years in the big house. Even a “low-level” felony can lead to 1-3 years caged up in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Matthew J. Haiduk has years of experience working on felony cases. He has won felony trials.  He has negotiated for probation on cases where probation was not an option.  He has filed motions to dismiss felony indictments.

Stop merely hoping for the best on your felony case. Call Haiduk now to see how he can help you take care of your felony.

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