What is Court Supervision?

Court supervision is a legal disposition in Illinois where the court delays a judgment in a case, allowing the defendant to complete certain requirements. If successfully completed, the charges are dismissed. This option is often granted for minor offenses, first-time offenders, or specific situations where the court deems it appropriate. You are not eligible for … Read More

Understanding the Purpose of Gag Orders in Legal Proceedings

In the intricate web of legal proceedings, one tool often employed by judges to maintain order and ensure a fair trial is the issuance of gag orders- as is the case with the ongoing criminal trial of former President Donald Trump. “Gag orders” restrict individuals involved in a case from discussing certain aspects of the … Read More

Assault vs Battery in Illinois.

Nothing confuses more people in Illinois than the difference between “assault” and “battery” Why do people in Illinois often mix up the law of battery with the law of assault? It’s simple (the law, actually… not the confusion). Battery and assault are not interchangeable terms; they’re more like distant cousins with distinct roles to play. … Read More

There are Only Two Types of Statements in Allocution.

You’re being sentenced. You gave it your best shot at trial, but you’re cooked. There are only two things left as your only hope from being caged like an animal: your lawyer’s argument and your statement in allocution. Allocution is essentially your golden ticket to address the court before the judge hands down your sentence. … Read More

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