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Did you get a traffic ticket? Wondering what you should do?

Unpopular advice on traffic tickets.

Did you get a traffic ticket punishable with potential jail? DUI? Driving with a suspended license?  Contact a lawyer.  If your ticket was for a petty, or non-jailable offense, Matthew J. Haiduk gives the advice that lawyers do not want you to hear:  Most people with traffic tickets do not need a lawyer.  Period.  However, if you need your petty traffic ticket taken care of without your having to appear in court, if you were in an accident, if you have had multiple tickets in a year, or if you have a really bad record, you may be an exception.

Working traffic tickets is not rocket science- if you’ve done thousands of them.  Haiduk has been at it almost 15 years.  He has helped people get their license back.  He has won cases where his clients were given traffic tickets for  causing accidents. He has told hundreds of people that they do not need a lawyer.  Do you need a lawyer?  A consultation on your traffic matter can be a simple, quick, fee phone call.  If you do not need a lawyer, Haiduk will tell you.

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