Kane County Prosecutor’s DUI Checkpoints…



Man, I think the police are catching on. Looks like the Kane County Sheriff was doing the DUI/Roadblock thing the night before Thanksgiving.  Who would have thought?

According to the Kane County Chronicle, the State’s Attorney’s office was also doing their “no refusal” thing.  That means that if you refuse the breath or blood test, they’re claiming they’re going to get a warrant and force you to submit to chemical testing.  Guess what?  People refused:

Three people initially refused to submit to chemical testing, and two people continued to refuse until they were told by police that a warrant would be obtained. One of those people submitted to chemical testing after a warrant was obtained.

What about that other person?  The one who wouldn’t take the tests even after the warrant was issued?  What happened to him?

The other person continued to refuse to submit to chemical testing, which resulted in an additional charge of felony obstructing justice.

Ouch!  It will be interesting to see where this goes.  Depending on the guy’s background and history, a low-level felony case just may impact his life a lot less than a misdemeanor DUI.  Maybe.  It’s going to be interesting to see if the Kane County State’s Attorney’s office handles this any differently because it’s part of their pet project.

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