Nothing is over until you say it is.

Appeals are a lot of things to a lot of people.  To some, they are a shot at a second chance.  To others, they are a way of trying to reverse problems that happened at trial. They may even be a way fix mistakes made by a lawyer.

Appeals take a lot of work.  There are rules.  A lot of rules. The research and writing is far more intensive compared to when the case is in the trial court.  The arguments in front of the appeals court can be nerve wracking.  Because of this, few lawyers willingly take on appeals.  Even fewer are experienced with oral arguments in front of the appellate court.

Success with Appeals

Matthew J. Haiduk started working on appeals in law school and he has not stopped.  He has not only worked on murder appeals, narcotics appeals, firearm appeals, sex offense appeals, he has worked on misdemeanor appeals and civil appeals stemming from Kane, McHenry, Boone and counties throughout Illinois.  Haiduk is licensed to practice in front of the State and Federal appeals courts in Illinois.  Matthew J. Haiduk has a successful record of helping clients who want to appeal.

Who are those clients?  People who were found guilty when they should not have been.  People who wanted to reduce their sentence. People who had their rights violated by the police.  People who were not happy with their previous attorney.  He has helped all kinds of people, including people like you.

Do you want to appeal your case?  Not everybody can appeal.  Call Matthew J. Haiduk to discuss appealing your case.  Whether it is an appeal for the Second Appellate District of Illinois, The Illinois Supreme Court or the Appellate Court of the United States of America, Haiduk can help!

Helping People

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