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Matthew Haiduk wanted to do one thing in law school: help people charged in criminal cases. He knew from day one that prisons only make people worse, a criminal conviction can ruin your life and even a minor intrusion- like taking off a day of work to go to traffic court- only complicates your life.

People charged with crimes need help.

It’s fashionable for prosecutors to flame out at their government jobs, go into private practice as defense lawyers, and boast that they are “former prosecutors” (as though being the person trying to put people like you in jail taught them the “secrets” of the system).

Here’s the secret: there is no secret. There’s hustle. There’s hard work. There’s hours researching. There’s knowing the Constitution and knowing how to persuade judges, juries and other lawyers. There’s being dedicated to helping people. From day one.

Haiduk Law, P.C. is founded on the belief that being charged with a crime does not make you a bad person.

Worrying isn’t going to help your problems.

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