Why you should never talk to the police.



I’ll stop preaching this once people start listening.  I left court at about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon.  As of that time, plenty of folks had still been talking to the cops.  Enough to keep me and a whole bunch of other guys like me in business.  Such a shame.

Rather than explain (again) why this might not be the best thing you ever did (even if you are innocent especially if you are innocent), I offer you the views of people smarter than me.

This video is a law school professor giving a little lecture.  At the end, he lets a cop talk to the congregation.  Watching it might be the best 48 minutes you spend today.  So, put “American Idol” on pause and take a gander.  Then tell me I’m wrong.

It’s called “Never Talk to the Police.”

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