It’s been awhile since I scampered off the radar.  Too long, actually.  I’m planning to fix that at about 7:00 tonight.  Unfortunately, it won’t all be fun.  With an appeal deadline fast approaching and the potential of two felony trials in the next 6 weeks, I’m taking a couple boxes full of work to the peace and tranquility of the woods.  I get some of my best work done there.

The moon rises over the lake.
I can see the moon rise over the lake from the desk I'll be working at. Photo by Matt Haiduk.

In the meantime, both phone coverage and email will be sporadic.  If you’re looking a new client looking for a felony attorney in Kane County, a DUI lawyer in Mchenry County or anything in-between, I apologize for the inconvenience.  Feel free to try, but don’t get offended if you don’t hear from me until the other side of the weekend. If it’s a “true” emergency (ie. you are at the police station, or the cops are knocking on your door), I’ll do everything I can to get back to you quickly.  If you need to know when your next court date is, your quickest bet is to look that up on the clerk’s web page.


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