One of my “Three favorite things” in action.



The most popular post I’ve ever written on here is about how I’d deal with the police, and my three favorite things to read in a police report.  As an interesting followup, a friend of mine turned me on to this interesting video.  It’s less than two minutes long. Watch it when you can turn up the audio.

I’m not saying that every police/citizen encounter where a driver does this will end in a similar way. I am saying that it should end that way, though.

Now, compare it to the plight of poor Mr. Turner.

1 thought on “One of my “Three favorite things” in action.”

  1. The police came to my house . Said i had drugs here . After not finding anything .i was told john if you tell us where it is we will not arrest you . I told them they got it left .4 days later i was walking down the street police stoped me told me i was under arrest .went to jail and not told my rights until 2 dsys later when the judge ask did they tell me my right .i said no . Then he gave me my rights then . Can the police lie like this and not tell me my rights ?


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