Don’t Taze Me Cary, Illinois Bros.

Electrifying news from the Cary, Illinois police department! For the cost of only about ten thousand taxpayer dollars, seven of the officers are going to be armed with tazers. According to the Northwest Herald: By JOSEPH BUSTOS – CARY – Police officers in the village will soon be carrying Taser. The village’s police department plans … Read More

That Cary Shaken Baby Case, And How Prison Time is Calculated.

Alvin Santiago had been facing charges of shaking a baby in his care while in Cary, Illinois. Today, Judge Prather sentenced him to 9 years in prison.  The Northwest Herald has a great article on today’s sentencing hearing: Judge orders 9 years for Cary man in shaken baby case Published: Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014 5:24 … Read More

Some DUIs might not be what they appear…

“Cary woman charged with DUI in single-vehicle crash” That’s the headline of the article in the newspaper.  After reading it, curiosity got the best of me.  DUIs aren’t that uncommon.  Single-vehicle crashes aren’t uncommon, either.  Neither are the two of them together.  So, I read on: WOODSTOCK – A 29-year-old Cary woman was charged with … Read More

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