You Can Not Afford Bad Representation.

“What is this going to cost me?” That is the number one question on people’s minds.  There are a lot of ways to answer that question.  One of Haiduk’s favorite sayings is that “hiring a lawyer is not like buying a certain model of car… we’re not all the same.”  What that means is that every lawyer operates differently and uses a different process in working for clients.

No lawyer can absolutely tell you what the result of your case will be when you first walk into their office.  If a lawyer does, a little skepticism might not be a bad idea… are you getting a legal opinion or a sales pitch?  A sales pitch may make you feel great, but means nothing to a judge or prosecutor.

Discount attorneys charge well below industry standard because they typically are not as aggressive, thorough, and zealous.  Should your case be dismissed because the police violated your rights?  Would a judge grant your petition to get your driver’s license back?  What about the small details that you might only get through an extra subpoena?  They can have a big impact.  The details are what get top results.  Lawyers who do not look for the details never see them.

Haiduk’s prices are in line with industry standards, while he has a track record of excellent results.  How do you know this?  Matthew J. Haiduk has a history of cleaning up other lawyer’s messes. “Messes” happen when clients were not told by their lawyer the client would lose their drivers license or end up on the sex offender registry.  Clients who were found guilty when they should not have been.  Clients who retained attorneys who obtained bad results because they did not do a thorough, zealous or even competent job.  These clients consistently turn to Haiduk to try and fix the damage that should never have been done.

The Lawyer Who Represents Other Lawyers.

There is no higher form of praise for a lawyer than representing a fellow lawyer. Ask any lawyer if they would represent themselves.  Very few would.  Follow that up by asking any lawyer if they have an idea of whom they would turn to if they needed legal help.  Lawyers think about these things, and every one will have a short list of other attorneys they would ask for help-  attorneys who have a history of excellent results.  Haiduk is one of those attorneys who has represented several other attorneys who needed help.

Representing other attorneys and cleaning up messes are just some of the services Matthew J. Haiduk provides.  Doing this while keeping prices in line with industry standards amounts to an exceptional value for your hard-earned money.

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