Do You Need A Lawyer?

Where are all of your friends now?

That guy who thought it would be a good idea to run some drugs? Your buddy who said you were fine for one last drink? Your spouse was all in on “for better or for worse” when things were better? Now that you’ve been charged where are they when it’s worse?

They’re not going to court to help you get out of this mess. They’re not taking the fall, that’s for sure.  They’re pretending they never knew you. Or claiming they never pressured you to stick around for another one. Or getting you kicked out of the house you’re paying the mortgage on.

Or, worse, they’re flipping on you.

Whatever might have been a good idea then, now is something you’re having to deal with. There are no friends, no spouses, and no miracles that are going to help. You need a criminal attorney.  You need my help.

 Nobody is going to take the fall for you. Sure, your friends say they’ve got your back. Where are they when you need them? Are they going to be standing next to you in court when the prosecutor tries to throw the book at you?  Are they going to stand up for you when the judge starts yelling?  Are they going to serve the time for you? Of course not. 

They’re not the ones who are laying awake at night wondering what’s going to happen. You are. What are you going to do about that?

A Lawyer Who Cares.

In the early 2000’s, internet and commerce law were blowing up. Many lawyers were seeking those clients. Haiduk practiced criminal and DUI law. Then, real estate took off. Lawyers followed suit, and chased the real estate dollars. Haiduk practiced criminal and DUI law.

To paraphrase a great baseball commentator, “Don’t tell me what you practice, tell me how long you have been concentrating on it.” Haiduk has been concentrating on criminal law more than two decades, not chasing the hottest legal trends.

So, how good is your lawyer at real estate closings or foreclosure? When he was trying to land those clients, Haiduk was helping people like you. Tomorrow, when some other fad has caught the attention of the legal profession, Haiduk will be right here. Helping people like you.

Helping People

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