Clear Your Record

Wipe the slate clean.

Past problems coming up in a background check?  The judge told you it would not go on your record… what does that really mean?  You were found guilty but you are not really guilty?

No matter who you are, in Illinois you may have options.  Is your record really that bad?  Even the most hopeless record may be cleared through executive clemency.

Matthew J. Haiduk  is experienced in clearing records.  If you were found guilty or pleaded guilty to an offense, you may have a right to appeal or want to pursue post conviction or 2-1401 petitions.  Were you found not guilty?  Did the case get dropped?  Did the judge tell you that your case was nolle prosse’d?  What if you were put on supervision or conditional discharge for a misdemeanor?  You may be able to expunge or seal your record.

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