Kane County DUI Lawyers and Driving Under the Influence

DUI.  Three letters nobody wants to hear.  Time in the Kane County Jail?  Losing your drivers license?  Mandated counseling?  Those are all things a judge can order.  It is all on the table.  In some cases, a DUI may even land you in prison.  You don’t need prison. You need the best DUI lawyer you can find.

Nearly everybody arrested for DUI is going to get their drivers license suspended.  This suspension, called a Statutory Summary Suspension, will normally be set to start 46 days from the date of arrest.  In Kane County, like elsewhere throughout the state, the Statutory Summary Suspension is technically a separate legal action with its own rules and procedures apart from the DUI ticket.  It requires that you file special paperwork asking the judge to give you your license back.  This suspension happens even to people who may not be guilty of DUI.  How is that fair?

DUI accident, Kane County DUI Lawyer

Matthew J. Haiduk is a DUI lawyer who understands what losing your driver’s license in the Kane County Courts will do to your life.  You have to get to work.  You have to get your kids to school.  Losing your license may ruin your life!

Any good DUI attorney knows there are options for trying to avoid your suspension.  Do you know about a Petition to Rescind your Suspension?  BAIID?  SCRAM? It may be possible to get the suspension rescinded even before it has started!

Haiduk is an experienced DUI lawyer.  He has had DUI’s dropped. He has kept DUI’s off client’s records. He has had Statutory Summary Suspensions rescinded before they even started.  He regularly appears in the DUI courtrooms of both Kane and McHenry counties. If you need to keep your license, call Haiduk to talk about your case.

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